Workshops: Friday May 15th

Fabulous Friday
You will participate in four workshops, two after breakfast and two after lunch.  Please note some workshops are offered in the morning only or afternoon only.  Some workshops are full morning or full afternoon.  Some sessions may be cancelled due to insufficient interest.
Time blocks for friday workshops

Double Sessions: Full morning or Full Afternoon
D1.       GIS and remote sensing, GPS - Confederation College
D2.       Fish Autopsies – Jon George
D3.       Nature photography – Brian Holden
D4.       Water Quality Analysis- Confederation College
D5.       Aboriginal Tech & Science- Darren Lentz
D6.       Walking tour RAP- Jim Bailey
D7.       Benthic Identification – EcoSuperior
Single Sessions
S1.          Duck Wings – Sue Heald
S2.          The Night Sky – Randy McAllister
S3.          Drumming – Sean Jesseau
S4.          Lessons from an Elder – Gerry Martin
S5.          The EcoBus – Cat Leonard The Climate Change Game    
In this interactive game, participants are introduced to the four major greenhouse gasses and learn how they keep our Earth warm, while grasping the effects humans have on our environment.  Participants work together to keep the system in balance while mitigating the economic, environmental and societal effects of climate change.           
S6.          Low impact development – EcoSuperior
S7.          Building Alternative Housing – Lisa Primevesi
S8.          To the Beat of the Drum – Native and Metis dancing
S9.          ‘Bee’-cause They’re Important - Barry Tabor
Environmental events affect pollinators and their link to a healthy watershed. Systemic pesticides are affecting our pollinators and this can ultimately affect the watershed through contamination and erosion.  We must support native pollinators and provide habitat for them
S10.       Food Security – Erin Beagle, Roots to Harvest
S11.       Invasive Species – Sandy Stiles
S12.       Climate Change – City of Thunder Bay, Curniss McGoldrick
S13.       Ethnobotany – Audrey DeRoy
S14.       Raptors – Kym Amonson
S15.       Soil Testing – Dave Carr, Lenny Myers

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