Field Trips: Saturday May 16th, 2015

Scenic Saturday
Sign up for 1 full day field trip.  Most of the field trips will allow a maximum of 20 students per trip.  Choose your top 3, number 1 being your top choice.

F1  An Adventure that Rocks!
This day begins with a visit to the inspirational monument of Terry Foxs ‘Marathon of Hope.  It continues with a short hike, and a spectacular view of a gorge cut into the rock of Lake Superiors north shore to form Ouimet Canyon.  Hear about the arctic micro-climate and ecosystem on the canyon floor.  A short distance away is Eagle Canyon Adventures where you can cross the canyon on Canadas longest suspension bridge and have lunch on the shore of the canyon lake.  Lastly, discover the history and geology of amethyst, the gemstone of Ontario.  Bring home a sample.

F2  Dont Wake the Giant!
Spend your day hiking to the top of the Sleeping Giant.  Gaze down on Lake Superiors northern shore from a height of 450 meters.  Hear about the ancient Ojibwa legend of Nanabijou and the wildlife of the Sibley Peninsula.  Note: This hike will take six hours and requires at least an average level of fitness.  Good hiking shoes are a must.  Subject to weather conditions.

F3  Dont try to Bluff Your Way!
Participate in two exciting recreational challenges right in Thunder Bay.  Hike into the Cascades Conservation Area with intense rapids and beautiful trails.  Learn about the basics of rock climbing with the Thunder Bay Alpine Club.  Numbers are limited.

F4  Water-Fall into Spring.
Visit the Niagara of the North!  Thats what Kakabeka Falls is called and it was a major obstacle to the voyageurs during the fur trade days.  Then, go on a hiking tour and view Pigeon Rivers High Falls and Middle Falls.

F5  A Mountain of Fun!
Take part in traditional activities at Fort William First Nations Lookout on Mount McKay.  Have a picnic lunch overlooking Thunder Bay.  Then explore the diverse flora and geology of Mount McKay.  See the view from the very top.   Note: the hike to the top is a rigorous climb. Sturdy shoes are a must!

F6 Rock this town and Stream Along With Me
There are amazing geological features right in the middle of our City.  See what the glaciers have done and deposited to create our beautiful landscape.  Then you will visit Centennial Park and find out how the Thunder Bay Steelhead Association was able to bring back a long lost favourite trout stream.

F7 Rock and Roll
The Sibley Peninsula extends out into Lake Superior, 25 km east of Thunder Bay. The peninsula, approximately 52 km long and 10 km wide, is occupied in large part by Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. High tablelands dominate the western shore, rising as much as 380 m above Lake Superior at the iconic Sleeping Giant. This one-day field trip, led by geologists from the Ontario Geological Survey, will examine the peninsula’s interesting geological, mining and archaeological history.

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