Friday, May 8, 2015

Important Info for the Opening Ceremonies (Thursday Night)

On the opening evening we will be asking everyone to participate in an interactive Ideas to Action Cafe which we will be encouraging participants to identify and discuss community or school relevant sustainability issues and explore how they as young people and future leaders can work towards making a positive difference, and ultimately bringing a plan of action back to their communities. Ahead of the session, we are asking each group to be prepared to work together on identifying an issue that they think is important to their school/community and think about how they as individuals, groups or schools could impact that issue.

During the session you will be asked to work together as a school/community but also have to opportunity to work together with other schools/communities to develop a plan of action to take home for implementation.

In order to ensure the Cafe is effective, small groups will be formed (6 -8 people max) per school/community so the larger schools or communities may want to come up with a common theme/idea or a group of ideas which can be used during the session.


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